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papergrader.org review

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papergrader.org review and discounts


I am a professor of Literature in one of the Universities of Washington. I have a lot of students and I give them quite a lot of different assignments, so you can understand that I have quite a lot of paper work to do, when checking their written home assignments. So, when I found this site online, I was extremely happy to find out that it can help me to organize my work in a much better way. This service is created for students and their professors. It makes the process of handing the documents by students, and the process of their checking by the professor easier. The only thing I worried about was that the service can appear to be a scam, because it is not free. It is payable.

Quality of Support

I have contacted the admin of this site, as I had some questions about the way this service works. Instead of explanation I received short answers, which looked too ignorant. After some efforts to get the full answer I finally managed to order this service. I didn’t like the quality of support team at all.

Price Policy

The admin informed me that the price for the month of usage of the service will be $135. I considered it to be quite expensive, but I decided to give it a try, in order to make my life easier and not to care tons of written papers home. I was surprised that prices for such services can be so high.

Quality of service

This site has nothing to do with order and professionalism at all! Students were uploading their papers and they were in a mess! It was impossible to find something on the page that was created for me to use. Moreover, after the fact that one of my students uploaded the paper, which was 100 on the list, the system showed me that he limit of papers is limited and that I should pay more, even despite the fact this information was not mentioned in the terms and conditions of the site. That was absolutely unacceptable, as I used this service two weeks only, instead of one month.


This service is not serious and is created in order to fool naïve customers and to steak their money. Fortunately, one of my friends advised me to order Custom College Essays service. It appeared to be reliable, prices are loyal and I am absolutely satisfied with it, as now my papers are not in a mess, but in a perfect order on this site.

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papergrader.org review

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