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academiccoachingandwriting.org review

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academiccoachingandwriting.org review and system of discounts

I am a person who hates writing all those boring written assignments, such as essays, term papers, compositions, summaries and many others. I have been ordering papers online for many times, but this fact didn’t help me to study better. I mean, of course I was getting highest grades, but I realized that I didn’t have any knowledge. So, I decided not spend money for expensive papers, but to try to write them by myself. In a while I understood that I need somebody to teach me how to do that. So, I started to look for appropriate information and accidentally I found this site. It is created for those people like me, who are eager to be taught how to write papers.

Price Policy

– You must make an initial 12-week commitment.
– You will be billed in 3 installments of $1250, for a total of $3,750.
– If you pay for the 12 weeks before your first coaching meeting, the discounted fee is $3600.
– After the initial 12 weeks, you may choose to continue the ACW Academic Writing Coaching Program at $1,250 per month.
To be honest, I was rather shocked to see such prices, but as I wanted to get the help of professionals, I decided to order these services.

Quality of services

I expected that the tutor will be explaining me how to write correctly, but he was only sending me the information about essay and dissertation writing tips which was available on the internet for free. I was rather disappointed with the quality of the service performed, because it was obvious that the tutor didn’t really care about the quality of his work. I understood that this site is a scam and demanded to return my money.

Quality of Support

Support team representative contacted me via email and told me that refund is impossible as the tutor spent his precious times in efforts to teach me. I tried hard to return my $2000, but all the efforts were useless. He refused to do it.


Never believe this site, because it is a scam. It will only steal your money and you will get no result. This service is absolutely useless. I am extremely disappointed, as now I have to cure my nervous system in order to forget about this terrible event. Luckily, Here professionals helped me to write perfect papers and now I am a rela professional in writing.

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academiccoachingandwriting.org review

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