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editorandtutor.com review

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editorandtutor.com review and discount system

This site looks very professional from the first sight but puts into confusion because of the advertisement which pops in right after you enter the site. There is a funny comment added below though the advertisement with an arrow pointing you to where you can click to close the advertisement saying ”I hate discounts”.

The design is very appealing too due to different colors being used which gives a positive impression but moderately. It gives positive vibes also because of more than 1,000,000 consultations to be given to people throughout the world. It makes you feel good about applying for help and the service to be trustworthy overall.

There is a free singing up for membership if to explore the site and go to academic consultancy chapter. The time is limited though and it is asked to hurry up which works as pushing you to become its customer and not just a viewer. It says 3 days are left only which really makes you feel like hurrying up but confused at the same time.

The service offers an article, blog, web copy, SEO, book report, PowerPoint, case studies writing let alone with book editing. There is an option of a live chat for easier communication so you could contact the workers of the site any time and get help on answering questions you might have. The service is available 24/7. You can get guidance from its experts for your academic scholarships.

The content of the pages flows nicely but the images change in front of one`s eyes rather rapidly and you cannot concentrate on one idea like a series of advertisements during watching the movie which interrupts when you expect the least, on the most interesting moment making you wait for what I going to happen next.

The price policy is missing though. There is no price list a viewer could look up and see whether it is affordable. The services with price lists being presented and easily seen are better because you can view at once if you can use its services or it is too pricy. The site stands out for help to achieve your goals though, whether it is for studies, for work or just for yourself.

I would highly recommend to use other sites of the kind like custom-essay-writing-service.org/ due to them doing a high quality job along with their price policy. This site is nice to view but only for someone who is not going to become its customer within the next 3 days.

Have you ever placed an order with www.editorandtutor.com/ before?

editorandtutor.com review

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